TIME CONTROL LINE TREATMENT LUXURY Product with a fresh and light texture, with an anti-ageing and revitalising action, which, thanks to the biopeptide-based technology, helps reduce the depth and number of wrinkles in a few days. ANTI-AGEING MOISTURISING LIGHT 50 ml BUY Cream with a soft and rich texture with an anti-ageing, nourishing and smoothing action. A valid ally that helps to effectively fight the signs of age and fatigue that cause loss of facial tone. NUTRIENT RICH ANTI-AGEING ACTION 50 ml BUY BUY Sliding non-sticky gel cream, with a fresh and easily assimilable texture specially created for the cosmetic treatment of body and leg cellulite. BODY CREAM FOR COSMETIC CELLULITE TREATMENT 250 ml Crema setosa e morbida, di facile applicazione e di assorbimento immediato, appositamente studiata per elasticizzare, tonificare e rassodare la pelle in profondità. BODY CREAM FOR THE COSMETIC TREATMENT OF STRETCH MARKS 250 ml BUY

SPORT LINE DESIGNED FOR ALL SPORTSMEN Rapidly absorbing fluid cream created to protect and moisturize the skin of the face before and during sports activities. The UVA / UVB sunscreen dosed between sunscreen 15-25 and carrot SPORT FACE CREAM 50 ML BUY Fast absorbing nourishing moisturizing fluid cream, based on shea butter, vegetable oils of almonds, jojoba, argan and corn, to be applied after sport to restore hydration and restore the skin's natural radiance and tone. BODY CREAM SPORT 250 ML BUY

360° LINE DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE gel for cleaning hands when it is not possible to wash them: public transport, supermarket, school, office, telephone booths, etc., enriched with natural essential oils of Tea tree oil and Lemongrass with action purifying and emollient complex with Aloe vera gel and Vitamin F. HANDS SANITIZING GEL 100 ML BUY Body cream rich in collagen, aloe juice, red seaweed and calendula to deeply hydrate the skin, giving it tone and elasticity. MOISTURISING BODY CREAM 360° 250 ML BUY Having an adequate acid pH of 4.5 means having the skin protected from attacks by bacteria and fungi. With Acidification, not only is the acid barrier restored, but also the lipid and mineral barrier which in turn have a pH value. ph cream 200ML BUY Creamy scrub with granules obtained from the micronized almond shell.
The creamy base of the scrub allows to keep the granules in suspension avoiding thickening to the bottom.
Micellar water has the function of deeply cleansing the face without altering the hydro lipid film.The micelles attract the particles (smog, makeup, impurities) as if they were magnets, ensuring a deep cleansing of the face. MICELLAR WATER 200ML BUY It is an emulsion with a density that is positioned between a milk and a nourishing cream. This feature makes the emulsion extremely
versatile, it can be used as a mask (for the wealth of active ingredients) or as a face or body massage emulsion.

Slide BLACK DIAMOND LINE TREATMET EXCLUSIVE Powerful antioxidant, it counteracts the formation of free radicals, enhances the effect of vitamin E and delays oxidation. Anti-aging, energizing and revitalizing active for tired and dull skin. Q10 SERUM BUY


Liolà challenges time and produces decidedly innovative cosmetics, of high quality 100% made in Italy and extremely performant.

Biotechnologies combined with cosmetics lead us to achieve that excellence in our products that your skin yearns for.


This combination is possible thanks to biopeptides, a perfect fusion between natural amino acids and biotechnology, capable of creating a natural process of restructuring the epidermis.

For face care we use Biotechnology to pamper your skin effectively, generating a perfect balance between aesthetic medicine and cosmetics.

For body care we have developed cosmetics that respect your needs, a biotechnological caress that will give your body what you have always desired.


The selection of the best raw materials, the innovation of our formula, the use of excellent active ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, vitamins, pleasant and refined texture make our cosmetics the excellence you’ve always wanted.

Respect for nature, the use of biotechnology, professionalism, the production marked MADE IN ITALY and the love for your skin differentiate us and carry on our mission to achieve a single goal: your satisfaction. 



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