on the podium as a manufacturer of the best green luxury products in the world.


Liolà’s Cosmetics is the essence of green luxury.

A 100% Made in Italy brand, which has won 14 awards as a manufacturer of the best cosmetics in the world, thus giving life to something that did not exist before, thus the functional green luxury skincare was born.

Cutting-edge cosmetics, dermatologically tested, designed to adapt to all skin types.

A mix of cultures: Italy, for manufacturing art and high quality; Korea and Japan, for the obsessive attention to the naturalness and delicacy of the products; Scandinavian, to praise minimalism or “less is more”.

Choose what suits your skin best, but remember, any product you choose will make you live a unique experience that will involve you and at the same time make you fall in love.

Choose the best for you, choose Liolà’s Cosmetics.


Biotechnologies combined with luxury cosmetics give life to excellence in the products your skin yearns for.

This combination is possible thanks to biopeptides, a perfect fusion of natural amino acids and biotechnologies, capable of giving life to a natural, completely personalised process of restructuring the epidermis.

No matter what your skin type is, you will always receive a biotechnological caress that will give the skin of your face and body what you have always wanted.

Silker, liolà's cosmeticsMoisturising body cream ranked first in the World at Global Green Beauty Awards 2023


We select the best raw materials, mixing them in an innovative formula.

We use excellent active ingredients such as: peptides, hyaluronic acid salts, collagen, elastin, vitamins and much more.

The texture is always pleasant and refined, making our cosmetics the luxury you deserve.

We respect nature thanks to a production that recycles the water used and keeps CO2 levels to a minimum.

In Liolà cosmetics you will perceive the high professionalism branded MADE IN ITALY.

The love for your skin differentiates us and carries on our mission to achieve a single goal: your satisfaction.



To develop innovative and 100% made in Italy luxury cosmetics products.

Liolà luxury cosmetics are up to 99.8% natural, eco-friendly, cruelty free, high performance.

Liolà is for the most part run by women and does not make any distinctions regarding the type of skin and the

gender of its consumers.

Liolà is special because it develops cosmetics that, thanks to the technology contained within them, are able to

adapt to everyone’s needs, without having to develop a product for every need.



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The Oscars of luxury cosmetics, Pure Beauty Global Awards, considers us among the 10 best producers of in the world 2020/2021