We have studied a line that contains face and body care products, also used in luxury spas.

In this line we find micellar water, cleansing emulsion, micronized exfoliator, moisturising cream and waterfall massage oil, that reaches 99.7% of naturalness.

The home luxury treatment is designed for all skin types, to be used daily

CLEAR, micellar water

Liolà Cosmetics micellar water is not the classic make-up remover. This is because it contains active ingredients that do not harm the protective barriers naturally present on our skin.

By using this product you will no longer have that dry feeling, but you will have perfectly cleansed, soft and hydrated skin.

The micellar water Liolà Cosmetics line far exceeds 98% naturalness and removes make-up even from waterproof make-up!

PURE, detergent emulsion

It is an emulsion with a density that is positioned between a milk and a nourishing cream.
This feature makes the emulsion extremely versatile, it can be used as a make-up remover even for waterproof make-up, as a mask (due to the richness of active ingredients) or as a face or body massage emulsion, especially for delicate areas.

The detergent emulsion Liolà Cosmetics line is inspired by J-beauty or Japanese beauty.

This product contains hand-picked red algae at low tide times on the North Sea coast of France. (In full respect of the environment)

Natural product over 98.5%

DEFENDER, pH cream

Having an adequate acid pH 4.5 means having the skin protected from attacks by bacteria and fungi.

With the Acidification of the pH cream Liolà range, we not only restore the acid barrier, but also the lipid and mineral barrier which in turn have a pH value.

With this product you will perform a skin reset and everything you apply later will act much better, amplifying its action.

The pH cream is suitable for all skin types and any age.

TURNOVER, micronized exfoliator

Scrub on a creamy base with granules obtained from micronized almond shell.
The creamy base of the scrub allows you to keep the granules in suspension, avoiding thickening at the bottom.
The high concentration of granules makes this scrub particularly active, it guarantees a deep and gentle peeling.

The exfoliant was developed for the lip contour and face, very delicate areas, later the format was enlarged for the body.

This product, therefore, is good both for exfoliating the face and body without creating irritation thanks to its emollient base.

More than 98.5% natural.

GOLDEN HOUR, face oil

Oil that contains 3 different ones that are activated as the heat of the skin increases during the massage.

It does not contain artificial perfume but the newly blossomed orange blossom called neroli is inserted during the processing phase.

Thanks to the synergy of precious vegetable oils and slow processing, it is ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.