Air dynamice liolacosmetics

Uniqueness takes flight: Liolà's Cosmetics x Air Dynamic

Epicenter of elegance, where beauty and luxury fly high. The synergy between Liolà’s Cosmetics and Air Dynamic, the Swiss super luxury private jet company, is an ode to exclusivity, refined savoir-faire and uncompromising style.

Helen yarmak partner liolà cosmetics

A unique beauty: Liolà's Cosmetics x Helen Yarmak

Helen Yarmak, a renowned jewelry and fashion designer, creates unique pieces for a global clientele, inspired by the beauty of nature and awarded as Best International Designer of the Year at New York Fashion Week.

mclaren milano partner liolà's cosmetics

Unparalleled Elegance: Liolà's Cosmetics x McLaren Milano

Welcome to the pinnacle of sophistication, where automotive artistry meets timeless aesthetics. The synergy between Liolà’s Cosmetics and McLaren Milano is a combination of elegance and style, an unparalleled experience for lovers of authentic luxury.

bentley milano partner liolacosmetics

Timeless elegance: Liolà's Cosmetics x Bentley Milano

An unprecedented alliance between Liolà’s Cosmetics and Bentley Milano, an unparalleled meeting of style and refinement. This exclusive collaboration embodies the essence of timeless elegance, combining Bentley’s craftsmanship with the distinctive luxury of Liolà’s cosmetics.

nun assisi relais & spa partner liolà's cosmetics

Ancient awakening: Liolà's Cosmetics x Nun Assisi

Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum is located in the spiritual heart of Assisi, in the highest area of ​​the historic center, with a magnificent view of the Rocca Maggiore and Rocca Minore and the soft curves of Mount Subasio.

b-event carla bruno liolacosmetics

Eventual Elegance: Liolà's Cosmetics x B-Event

An extraordinary synergy between Liolà’s Cosmetics and B-Event, the architect of unprecedented events, both private and corporate, in the world of super luxury. This collaboration combines the sophisticated beauty of Liolà’s with the art of B-Event in creating unforgettable experiences.

bentley lugano liolacosmetics

Symphony of Luxury: Liolà's Cosmetics x Bentley Lugano

Join us in exploring excellence, where every product is a style statement and every event is an experience of sophistication. Welcome the harmony of supreme elegance with Liolà’s Cosmetics and Bentley Lugano. partner liolà's cosmetics

Digital beauty: Liolà's Cosmetics x

A team of professionals, lovers of technology, web design, creative digital marketing, and we have a unique approach: we work with the aim of creating a continuous and ever-growing collaboration!

niche parfume x liolà's cosmetics

Olfactory Elegance: Liolà's Cosmetics x Niche Perfume

A fascinating collaboration between Liolà’s Cosmetics and a renowned Niche Parfume Brand in the Czech Republic, a fine shop offering a curated selection of skincare, niche perfumes and which is also the exclusive distributor of Liolà’s Cosmetics in the region

la fleur moldavia partner liolà's cosmetics

Uniqueness: Liolà's Cosmetics x La Fleur Perfumery

La Fleur Perfumery is the exclusive official distributor of Liolà’s Cosmetics in Moldova. In collaboration with a renowned niche perfume brand in the Czech Republic, the store offers a refined selection of skincare and exclusive fragrances, creating an irresistible combination for beauty lovers in the region.

treedom trees x liola cosmetics

Regenerative Beauty: Liolà's Cosmetics x Treedom Trees

It is with enthusiasm that we present the exciting collaboration between Liolà’s Cosmetics and Treedom Trees, an initiative dedicated to sustainable reforestation and creating a positive impact on our planet. This partnership combines the elegance of Liolà’s cosmetics with the regenerative essence of Treedom Trees.

paulownia 4 planet e liolà's cosmetics

Ecological Harmony: Paulownia 4 Planet x Liolà's Cosmetics

We are thrilled to announce an innovative partnership between Paulownia 4 Planet, a leader committed to environmental sustainability, and Liolà’s Cosmetics, an icon of refined beauty. This exclusive collaboration is a celebration of the harmony between nature, elegance and high-quality cosmetics.

sparta sport agency x liolacosmetics

Dynamic Elegance: Liolà's Cosmetics x Sparta Sport Agency

A compelling partnership between Liolà’s Cosmetics and Sparta Sport Agency, an agency dedicated to promoting excellence in the sports sector. This collaboration combines the timeless elegance of Liolà’s with the dynamism and determination of Sparta Sport Agency, where some chosen athletes are official members of the Liolà’s Cosmetics Skincoach team.

Saudi arabia BTC partner Liolà's cosmetics

Cultural melody: Liolà's Cosmetics x BTC

An extraordinary collaboration between Liolà’s Cosmetics and BTC, a leader in the distribution of prestigious beauty brands in the enchanting scenery of Saudi Arabia. This exclusive fusion is a celebration of cosmopolitan elegance and borderless luxury.

liolà's cosmetics x hnia Harrati

Free soul: Liolà's Cometics x Hnia Harrati

This synergy represents not only the union of two brands, but also the celebration of the diversity and creativity that emerges when different cultures meet. We are excited to share this unique adventure with you and create a bridge between our experiences and traditions.

ilaria livatino x liolà cosmetics spa

Armonia Beauty: Liolà's Cosmetics x Ilaria Livatino

Liolà’s Cosmetics and the renowned Beauty Advisor of Rome, Ilaria Livatino. This partnership combines the sophisticated art of Liolà’s with Ilaria Livatino’s expertise in the world of beauty, creating a combination of elegance and personalized consultancy.

skincoach team liolà's cosmetics

Radiant Beauty: Liolà's Cosmetics x SkinCoach Team

We are thrilled to present an unprecedented collaboration between Liolà’s Cosmetics and the members of the SkinCoach Team, a team composed of renowned experts in the world of skincare. This exclusive partnership combines the sophisticated artistry of Liolà’s with the experience and authenticity of leading professionals from different sectors around the world.