Athlete-proof Liolà Cosmetics sports line

The Liolà sport line was designed for the skin of athletes and people who carry out sporting activities at an amateur level.

Athletes always demand a lot from their body and expose it to high stress.

This line was developed through the use of formulas that do not affect the athlete’s perspiration and therefore do not disturb sports activity.

If the athlete perspires the cosmetic will not join the sweat drops and will not end up in the eyes, thus solving a serious problem that needed a solution.

Composed of two special products: the face cream and the energizing cream.

Instead, body cream is characterized by the presence of menthol useful for the recovery of the dermis after being subjected to activities such as sports, which therefore put the body under stress.

Every single movement of a sportsman must be precise to aim for perfection, training hard to bring exceptional results. In fact, just as the athlete venerates his discipline, we venerate everyone’s skin care and we have also embraced the sports sphere to cover all the needs that the dermis may have.